What does the transition from Diocesan-run school to independent entity mean for Holy Cross?

Holy Cross’s designation as an independent Catholic high school will enable a flexible and sustainable business model. Independent governance will allow Holy Cross to reduce operating costs and engage in academic and technological advancements in curriculum

Will Holy Cross continue to be a Catholic high school?

Yes. Holy Cross will continue to be recognized by the Diocese of Trenton as the only Catholic high school in Burlington County. The school will continue its 60-year legacy of quality Catholic education, and continue to be rooted in Catholic faith and values. This transition will invigorate students, faculty, administration, alumni and families, and encourage robust participation that will lead to a more vibrant and proud Lancer community than ever before.

What role, if any, will the Diocese of Trenton continue with the school?

The Diocese of Trenton will continue to provide ecclesiastic support to Holy Cross via religious curriculum. In addition, Father Colavito will continue as Chaplain with Holy Cross.

How are you addressing the future viability of the school?

Holy Cross leaders and friends have launched an aggressive and successful fundraising effort to secure financial solvency for the foreseeable future.

What assurance do I have if my student enrolls in 9th grade?

The Board of Trustees, together with a dedicated team of leaders and alumni, serve as stewards of Holy Cross. This group of individuals is committed to the promise that Holy Cross will continue to serve Burlington County for the next 60 years and beyond.

How will Holy Cross sustain and grow enrollment?

In the years ahead, the Holy Cross leadership team will continue the momentum and recent increase in enrollment through aggressive marketing and targeted messaging throughout Burlington County and its surrounding areas.

Will tuition change?

We do not expect a tuition increase for the 2018-2019 school year.

How will Holy Cross function for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year?

The Diocese of Trenton will manage school operations for the rest of the current school year, through June 30, 2018.

Will the academic programs remain the same?

The new Holy Cross leadership team will improve the rigorous academic standards. The school will continue to be a college preparatory institution and offer courses for college credit.

Will block scheduling remain?

Holy Cross will continue to operate with block scheduling. This enables every student to fulfill basic course requirements quickly and embark on college-level courses sooner, which offsets the cost of a college education.

Will the school continue to offer extra-curricular activities and athletics?

Yes, extra-curricular activities, clubs and athletics will continue to be a keystone of a Holy Cross education.

Will students still be offered ISP accommodations?

Yes, Holy Cross will continue to offer ISP accommodations.

What will happen with transportation?

As is currently the case, Holy Cross will work hand-in-hand with local school districts to determine transportation on a yearly basis. Additionally, Holy Cross will support those students whose districts do not provide transportation to the best of its ability.

Will Holy Cross continue the International Student Program?

Yes, Holy Cross will continue the International Student Program.

How will the school be governed?

Holy Cross will be governed by an independent Board of Trustees.

Will there be a new Principal?

A committee is working with Holy Cross to conduct a search for a new Principal.

I want to help the effort to reinvigorate Holy Cross. How can I help?

Our Holy Cross family is rich in experience, involvement and support. You can volunteer by contacting info@newholycross.org. Please indicate how and in what capacity you would like to get involved, and provide your contact information.

Where can I find more information?

Please visit www.newholycross.org regularly for news and updates about this transition and the upcoming new chapter in the Holy Cross legacy. Email all questions to info@newholycross.org